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At Tower, we've been growing carefully.
Our 17-plane fleet consists exclusively of widebody Boeing 747s, the aircraft considered safest in the industry.
Maintaining the fleet are 500 ground support personnel, perhaps our only excess (although we're sure you won't see it that way).
We have our own terminal at JFK in New York, for a level of service and security unmatched with shared gates. And our CEO is at the airport every day; in fact, he has his office there.

When you're the perfect sized airline, nothing is overlooked. That's control.


  There are 9 Tower Air Destinations. Several scheduled flights are connecting New York with the all the other cities, as well as some of these cities with each other. Athens is directly connected with Tel Aviv and New York. From New York, there are frequent connections with Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco and San Juan. New York is also directly connected with Tel Aviv and Paris. If you wish, you can take a look at our flight timetable or at the contact information of all our stations around the world.

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