to the three beautiful Greek Islands of the Saronic Gulf: Aegina, Poros, Hydra


PORT OF ATHENS: Departure: 08h.15
AEGINA: Arrival: 09h.30 - Departure: 11h.30
POROS: Arrival: 12h.30 - Departure: 13h.30
HYDRA: Arrival: 14h.30 - Departure: 17h.00
PORT OF ATHENS: Arrival: 19h.20

The Islands That We Visit


The biggest island of the Saronic Gulf inhabited as from the 2nd mil. B.C. with two important archaeological sites, a large cathedral dedicated to St Nectarios the last canonized Saint of the Greek Orthodox Church, a wonderfull fish market, a unique fruit floating market, and an economy based on pistachio nuts.
In the island of Aegina, you have the opportunity to take one of the following tours:
TOUR No 1:
Why don't you join the optional shore excursion and learn about the history of this fascinating island? This guided bus tour takes us to the early fifth century B.C. Doric Temple of Afaia, built on the top of the hill, and offering a magnificent view. Then proceed to the grandiose cathedral of St Nectarios where his relic are kept. Free time to wander around the little harbour town.
TOUR No 2:
Do you want to have some fun? Let us take you to a typical fishing harbour at the south-west part of the island for an "Ouzo Party"!!! Snacks - Events - Surprises !!!

The smallest of the three islands, covered with pine and lemon trees, situated very close to the Peloponesian peninsula. Enjoy a beautifull walk up to the clock tower and admire the panorama.

The "smartest" one of the Greek islands, the favourite resort of the international Jet-Set, the unique architecture of its houses, the pedestrian narrow streets full of boutiques, exclusive jewelry and handicrafts, attracts both shoppers and photographers. The crystal clear waters will refresh the swimmer.

On Board the cruise-ship


The cruise-ship has been designed for comfortable, and luxurious cruises, and a free meal is included in the cruise price. The onboard shows, the meals, and generally the services on the cruiser are full of pleasant surprises. Just relax, and have a unforgetable day!

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